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Erasmus +


Erasmus + is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020.


Erasmus + is the unique program that seeks to boost job prospects and personal development, as well as to help our education, training and youth systems provide teaching and learning that equip people with the skills needed for the job market and The current and future society.


The project Rural SKILLS aims to reintroduce the importance of transnational cooperation among LAGs and rural development organizations, cooperation encourages and supports LAGs to undertake joint actions with other LAGs, or with a group taking a similar approach, in another regipon, Member State, ore ven a third country.


The importance of carrying out the project a t transnational leve lis to establish a new network which can be seen as a joint action around the implementation of a specific rural development formative and educational actions.


The transnational level can provide local methodologies with a new dimensión, since they provide stakeholders with alternative and novel opportunities to look for and solve issues in innovative ways.



Target groups

The main objective of the Project Rural SKILLS is the development and consolidation of specific competences (knowledge, skills and attitude) in rural development operators, aiming at creating new pathways for employment with non-formal and informal learning activities in the field of rural development and LEADER methodologies.


The overall objective of the Project is also to promote transnational cooperation between LAGs (Local Action Groups), to enhance the dissemination of the LEADER methodology, its different instruments and applications and good European practices.


The Project is addressed to LEADER managers and operators, LAG managers and administrators, rural development operators and workers, rural development experts, local authorities staff and office workers, regional authorities staff, LAG’s Managing Authorities staff, students, young workers and managers in the field of agricultura, crafts, commerce and tourism, citizens of rural areas, trade associations.



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Erasmus + 2017-1-IT02-KA204-036502 Rural shared knowledge in leading LAG’s Strategies

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